Danette May, the Founder of Mindful Health, LLC, has created this platform to provide millions of people around the world the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to look and feel their best while living more healthy and zestful lives.

Her most recent accomplishment Eat, Drink and Shrink, was created for busy men and women who have a true desire to lose weight and be healthier, but simply don’t have the time or the knowledge to prepare nutritious meals. Being a single, working mother Danette fully understands how precious time is, so she created a recipe book with over 120 delicious recipes with only 5 ingredients to create wonderful meals with. The book was specifically designed for busy people who want to save time in the grocery store, save time in the kitchen, and have more meaningful time with families and loved ones.

Danette also recently launched an online coaching and membership program Forever Fit Personal Training for individuals who want a more personalized system to achieve their weight loss goals. The coaching includes a loving community of support, new exercise videos each week, mentor support, and two live group-coaching calls with Danette each month.

After graduating with a degree in pre-med and nutrition, Danette opened her own gym and began focusing on her lifelong passion of helping people lose weight. Over the last 13 years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor, and nutritionist, Danette has changed the lives of thousands of people by transforming their bodies and helping them achieve their weight loss goals.

She was also an executive with Icon Health and Fitness, the largest global distributor of fitness equipment where she created several fitness products that are sold around the world today. She has been a fitness model for US Magazine and Women’s Health Mag, and a frequent guest on Studio 5 and KSL-TV.

Additionally, she has starred in some of the top selling fitness videos including “Flat Abs Fast”, “Bootcamp Bikini Body”, and “Get Me In My Skinny Jeans”. And she created and starred in the workout video series XFactorST, which is sold in stores worldwide. She also wrote the nutrition book for Rip 60 and has worked with some of the top fitness professionals in the industry including Jillian Michaels and George St. Pierre.

On a personal side, Danette has been dealt her own difficult hand of cards to deal with- making her an ideal candidate to help millions of people get passed their own self-sabotage and the power that their created excuses hold over their health. She has had three children. Five years ago, she lost her son at birth. It was her first experience with deep depression as her dreams of being a mother to a boy vanished in an hour’s worth of time. She had to deal with not only the mental aspect of losing a child, but also the physical ones. Her body was ready and willing to care for her newborn, only she never got to bring him home with her. Danette had to learn to pull herself out of the darkness that claimed her mind and darkened the world around her, and she did it one step at a time. If this personal strike wasn’t enough for one person, Danette has also been struck with divorce, financial struggle, and being a single mom to two beautiful girls. With all of these moments that can break a person down- and they did a little bit- she has developed a deeper appreciation for the power of eating healthy, staying active, and focusing on looking and feeling her best. She’s dedicated her life to creating healthy and happiness in body, heart, mind and soul. Her mission is to instill the same lifestyle in her children, as well as millions of people around her.

As Danette would say, “You are in charge of your life. You are the only one who gets to decide how it ends.”