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Dear Friend,

Does it sometimes feel like extra fat is clinging to your body?

No matter what you do — whether it's slashing calories, exercising a couple of times a week or changing the amount of carbs and protein you eat — the fat won't budge!

And even if it does — even if you're one of the lucky few who somehow manages to shed pounds of fat — it always bounces right back on again.

Maybe you feel desperate. Or hopeless. Or just plain mad!

Well, imagine a very different kind of feeling. A good feeling. About yourself. Your slimmer body. Your better health. Your happier future, free of all that extra fat!

Imagine — with nutritional-backed confidence — that you could start to eat the right food without any guessing… a personalized guide of recipes and meal plans so precise, it can help quickly, easily, and safely transform your body's ability to shed fat and keep it off.

Well you can stop imagining.

For The Next Few Minutes Forget Everything You've Ever Heard About Losing Weight

Hi, I'm Danette May, and as well as being the founder of Mindful Health, a platform that is helping millions of people around the world lose weight and get healthy. First and foremost I'm a busy mother of two kids.

Listen, we all know that if you want to lose weight, you need to eat right. It sounds simple, but the truth is, if it were easy, most of us wouldn't be overweight in the first place.

The problem is that if you eat the wrong food, bad things can happen. You won't get the results. You'll waste your time. You'll feel discouraged...and just give up.

If you don't eat enough food, bad things can also happen : You may sabotage your efforts. You may encounter uncontrollable cravings and hunger. Or you may get the feeling that it's too hard… and just give up.

This is where Bikini Body Recipes comes in: It's a revolutionary fat loss strategy that has been proven to work by giving you delicious fat burning recipes that are easy and quick to make — in fact they take only 10 minutes!

And they don't leave you feeling hungry.

This means you can start to change your life…get thinner, stronger, healthier and sexier — because you will fill your plate with amazing foods that are already packed with exactly the right combination of proteins, carbs and healthy fats that boost your energy, burn fat, kill cravings and stop over eating.

This means you don't have to think about anything, and you won't give up.

Speaking of giving up…

A Sad Story - With A Very Happy Ending The Key To Unlocking Easy and Lasting Weight Loss

Six years ago, I suffered a monumental set back that I honestly didn't feel I would ever recover from. I certainly didn't imagine I would be where I am today.

After experiencing the excitement and lead up to the birth of my second child, I went through an enormous amount of stress when I lost my son at birth.

There are no words to explain the devastation I felt.

It is the most heartbreaking loss that a mother can experience. I quickly spiralled down into deep depression. Fitness, weight loss, eating healthy was the furthest thing from my mind.

I didn't want to see anyone. I didn't want to talk to anyone.

Quite frankly, the inner pain I felt was so intense, all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball, pull the covers over my head and forget the world existed.

What you need to understand is that my physical body still showed the signs of having had a baby. My belly was large, I was sore and with my body continuing to produce milk, I was constantly reminded of the loss.

My body craved my child. My insides were in agony for many months.

Meanwhile life continued on around me. Eventually I had no choice but to pull myself up, and return back to living. There were bills to pay, my 5-year old girl who needed to be cared for, and other commitments that needed my attention.

That's When Things Got Worse

I honestly couldn't have imagined things getting worse, but they did. After giving birth to my third child, a beautiful and healthy girl — I separated from my husband and suffered all that came with a divorce.

I was lost. ------------------ I was alone. ------------------ I was at my lowest point.

Then that all changed. To be precise, I changed.

I had gone out for a walk around the block. Partly out of necessity to get fresh air, and partly because I wanted to see if it would help with the depression I was feeling.

Now this might sound ridiculous to you, but I had only been out a few minutes when I started to hear the world around me come alive. Birds were singing, and the connection I felt to everything around me broke something inside me.

Literally, if pain was a bubble that I had been holding on to, it burst at that exact moment.

All the pain, sadness, anger and guilt came flooding out.

I broke down in tears and released it all. I couldn't hold on to it any longer.

After picking myself up off the ground, I had a powerful "aha" moment.

It was one of those times where you unsure where the road will lead, but you just know where you want to go, or at the very least, where you don't want to remain.

Helping people transform their bodies and health had always been my true passion. So that's when I made my decision to change myself.

At that point in my life, that was all I could manage. But that was enough!

The "Aha" That Has Changed The Way ALL Women Lose Weight From Here on Out

My mind, soul and body at that time weren't a true picture of health. I wasn't anywhere close to having a Bikini Body. I had the body of a mother who had just given birth. I had the mind of someone suffering from deep depression, and severe lack of motivation.

Everything needed healing, restoring and rebuilding.

It was within that "Aha" moment I started experimenting in the kitchen. Taking everything I had gained from having a Pre-Med degree and industry certifications and put it to use.

While I had released a lot of the pain that I had experienced, I still didn't have the motivation or drive to create meals or recipes that required hours in the kitchen.

Recipes that were packed with exactly the right amount of proteins, fats and carbs for rebuilding my body with lean muscle and burning off fat overall.

Delicious recipes filled with healing qualities that would enrich the body with nutrients and effectively:

The results were nothing short of amazing.

I noticed a massive and almost immediate boost in my energy levels, mood and motivation and the physical transformation was astonishing.

After having my third child and using the exact recipes that I am about to give to you. I slimmed down for the World Bikini Championship

Just imagine that. One of the oldest competitors, a mom of three kids and placed in the top ten of the top fitness models in the world.


Perhaps at this point you're saying to yourself; "Well those recipes sound great. But I'm a busy mother I don't have time to cook. More importantly, are these recipes going to leave me feeling hungry?"

Definitely not!

In fact, you will…

EAT MORE, TO LOSE MORE The Secret Behind Eating 6 Times a Day

You've probably heard that losing weight requires eating less, avoiding fat, and giving up sweets? Well, forget it. All my clients and myself included know just the opposite is true. I've found that the best way to shed pounds fast is by eating six times a day — not three!

You might think that this is a typo, but it's not — that's what makes this different to diets which force you to deprive yourself and leave you feeling hungry.

That's also why sneaky diet companies keep managing to sell to you over and over again.

You see when you deprive your body of food, its natural instinct is to go into survival mode and store extra fat. When you are feeding it the precise carbs, healthy fats and proteins, six times a day, it has no need to cling to all that extra fat and so it naturally lets it go.

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but this is scientifically proven to work.

That's why with Bikini Body Recipes, you will eat six times a day and get to enjoy the foods you love. Chicken, Shrimp, Curry, Salmon, Turkey, Tuna... from a Mexican bowl to a BBQ burger… from a Southwestern pizza to baked lime wings, and let's not forget desserts like Pumpkin cheesecake or peanut butter ice cream.

Just take a peek at a few of these mouth-watering dishes that are made with five ingredients or less, and in only ten minutes…

Can I hear you say, "wow!" Who wouldn't enjoy losing weight like that? Especially, if you are like me, and you love eating!

In fact you will hardly recognize a change in the amounts you eat as each recipe was created so that you eat more, and lose more fat.

This is why there is no hunger involved, no physical suffering, and no possible way you can give up. People, who love to eat, love it! It's healthy eating at its best.

Not only does it provide a proven method to kiss goodbye to all that extra fat, but as long as you continue eating six times a day you won't gain any of it back. It's that effective!

And when it takes only 10 minutes to whip up these tasty dishes of 5 ingredients or less, you'll be hard pressed not to continue. It's that simple!

Bikini Body Recipes! Brings you delicious recipes and simple meal plans that work on a cellular level to transform your body

Inside this comprehensive, no-holds barred book you will discover what the diet companies don't want YOU to know about melting fat without dieting!

Based on exactly the same recipes I've used to transform my body as well as the lives of all my clients. Bikini Body Recipes allows you to eat more and lose more weight. You can turn unattractive fat into sexy lean muscle, boost your metabolism so your body unconsciously burns off extra calories, and you look and feel younger.

The recipes and meal plans are unlike anything published before! Bikini Body Recipes is shown by science and real people to give you the body you want fast!

Designed to be a perfect solution for those avoiding gluten, wheat and grains. You get 151 quick and easy "delicious" 10 minute recipes and simple meal plans that require only 5 ingredients or less:






Green Drinks

Feast Your Eyes On A Few Of These Delicious, Yummy "Pleasure Foods" That Slim You

Stay Lean and Trim For Life

Just look at what you'll discover inside Bikini Body Recipes:

Turn Up Your Digestive Furnance With Even More Delicious, Fat Burning Meals

These are just a fraction of the 151 delicious foods recipes and specialized meal plans that burn away fat. This isn't another "diet" or another "extreme cut-out-everything from your life program". You already know they don't work for you…and what they do to your body. I'm talking about a fat loss breakthrough that has been proven to melt away fat around the clock.

7 Reasons Why Bikini Body Recipes are Unlike Anything You've Tried Before

See for yourself…

Here's Why Everyone Who Knows About These Recipes is So Darn Excited

Some of them hadn't lost their weight from a decade ago. Some had started new, stressful jobs that left them no time to spare. Others were busy mothers who always put their own needs and desires last. Many had experienced a slow, relentless accumulation of pounds as the years went by.

Their stories were different, but their goal was the same: Change their weight loss lives —and their WHOLE lives — by eating healthy!

In as little as 10 minutes, you can supercharge your life, burn fat, restore glowing health and feel decades younger

Now that I've shown you this no-risk way to quickly and easily burn fat through eating delicious meals created with only 5 ingredients and in only 10 minutes… the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you've read this far, you know that you have strong interest in making a change with recipes that give you the results you desire and deserve. All that's left is to take action and do it.

You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer right now before it's too late, as I will be increasing the price very soon.

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Do you wake up and roll out of bed feeling as though you have a sack of potatoes attached to your midsection? Do you suffer from bat wing arms? Are you sick and tired of not being able to take off your top at the pool, beach or splash pad?

We'll you're not alone. Flabby excess fat is one of the most common complaints among men and women. And no wonder! Everyone has a different body type and is at a different fitness level.

So let me take you behind the scenes on body types, fitness levels and meal plan goals. Understanding YOUR genetic makeup is critical to quick and lasting fat loss!

That's why you desperately need to get this powerful guide that you can follow because it will show you what, how much, and when to eat in order to torch the fat, gain a lean stomach and kiss goodbye to cottage cheese thighs.

------------------ You'll access in this powerful meal plan guide... -------------------

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You'll also receive...

FREE Bonus #2: "Simple Fat Loss Success Tracker"

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Who has the time to labor in the gym for an hour every day, figure out what meals work, or what to buy at the supermarket (when so much is marked up as being healthy)?

That's where Simple Success Tracker will make sure you're not making the mistakes that are making you fat. In this tracking tool I will take you through foods that you are eating right now that you may think are good for you but are actually destroying your body.

You will discover:

This is a must have bonus!

You see this isn't just about buying a cookbook of healthy recipes.

No, this is like having 24/7, full-access to over 13 years of fitness and nutritional expertise. It's having the opportunity to take advantage of every insight that I have gained into human anatomy and our biological makeup which has allowed me to craft meals with the precise nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamin and healthy fats.

Unlike some of the self-proclaimed gurus who have 'stumbled' upon recipes. This life-transforming information and expertise was gained from having a Pre-Med degree, industry certifications, changing my own life and working one-on-one with real clients just like you.

In fact Bikini Body Recipes is the closest thing you will get to the nutritional advice my clients receive through my one-on-one consulting where I usually charge $250 per hour.

Imagine getting all of that IMMENSE value for only $27

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Do you have a class reunion coming up? A special wedding or anniversary? How about a family vacation at the beach? Maybe you need to recover still from a holiday feast.

Or maybe, just maybe, it's REALLY time to do something important just for you. You have spent your whole life caring and thinking of others. You've driven kids to school. Taken care of your career, your family, your relatives, your friends… and all but ignored yourself.

No, I'm not asking you to suddenly drop your responsibilities; I guess I'm asking you ONE FINAL, IMPORTANT QUESTION:

Is getting in the best shape of your life too much to ask for?

Don't wait another minute!

For your own good and before I increase the price, get this now!

It will change your life forever and help you finally see in your mirror, a leaner, healthier and happier you!


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Got questions about BIKINI BODY RECIPES?
We've got answers.

Q: Why do I need YOUR RECIPE book when recipe books are sold by the hundreds online?

A: Great question. ANYONE can create a recipe book, but not EVERYONE is qualified to know what the proper combination of proteins, carbs and healthy fats you should be getting. With over 13 years as a fitness instructor and nutritionist I have removed all the guess work by creating recipes which are perfectly formulated to support lean muscle gain and maximum fat loss. Plus, not everyone has proven that their recipes can burn fat without leaving you hungry. Every single recipe in this guide has been tested and proven to work for both myself and countless women and men around the world. And most healthy recipe books require 12 + ingredients and for busy people that don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen that's just not realistic.

Q: I have been suffering from celiac disease; do any of the recipes have gluten?

A: All the recipes found inside are gluten-free, they also do not contain any wheat or grain so can reap all the benefits without concern.

Q: Do these recipes have options for vegetarians?

A: Yes. There is an exchange guide that allows you to exchange any meat proteins in the recipes with a vegetarian protein options.

Q: Do the recipes require me to be in the kitchen for a long time juggling lots of ingredients?

A: Excellent question. No. In fact that is core component of this recipe book. As a busy mother myself. Who has the time to be stuck in a kitchen? These recipes can be made in as little as 10 minutes, at the most 15 using only 5 ingredients. It's that simple!

Q: Are these recipes good for my husband and children?

A: Absolutely! All of these healthy recipes were created for both adults and children. And all recipes have been taste tested and are kid approved.

Q: Will these recipes require me to seek out pricey and hard to find health food that isn't available at my local supermarket?

A: No. In fact they were created to save you both time and money. All of the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket.

Q: How much weight will I lose using your recipes?

A: While I would love to give you an exact number of pounds. I can't. As you can appreciate, there are many types of people who are trying to lose weight. Some need to lose only a few pounds, and some need to lose a lot more. What I can guarantee you is that if you read the book, follow the steps and eat the recipes that I have laid out inside this revolutionary guide. You can lose anywhere from 3 pounds to 20 pounds (or more).

Q: How will I know the right amount of ingredients to use, I don't live in America?

A: We have a lot of customers who live outside of the United States, that's why we have included an easy-and-quick reference guide at the end of the book that shows you exactly the right amounts to use and their metric conversion.

Q: What if I have other questions, before or after I purchase?

A: By all means, please send in your email to my support team and we will get back to you promptly with an answer.

Q: What if I'm not satisfied?

A: This is simple. If you are not satisfied, if you don't feel it's working for you or even if you have changed your mind. Just contact me within 60 days and I will refund every single penny back — and you get to keep it, plus all the bonus material entirely FREE!

Sound fair?

Q: Is this similar to your other cookbook Eat Drink and Shrink?

A: Bikini Body Recipes is basically the expanded version of Eat Drink and Shrink, but with dozens of new and never before seen fat-burning recipes.