1. Is Eat, Drink and Shrink designed for men or women?
The recipes and meal plans are designed for both men and women that want to lose weight regardless of your gender, age, size or activity level. The recipes are scientifically designed with the perfect combinations of foods to be eaten throughout the day to provide optimal fat loss.

Your level of activity will determine the food portions that you eat throughout the day, rather than your being a man or a woman. The included meal plans are designed to guide you through exactly what, how much, and when you should eat the specified meals to burn the most fat and get lean.

2. How is this different from other healthy recipe books?
I wrote this book specifically for busy people who don’t have a lot of time to cook great tasting, healthy meals. Each recipe is scientifically designed with 5 key ingredients that will help you burn fat and lose weight. Which means you’ll save time in the kitchen and save time in the grocery store, so you can have more quality time with your family and loved ones.

Also, this is much more than a recipe book. You also get my custom meal plans that provide the exact blueprint you’ll follow based on your activity level to lose weight fast. And you’ll get my meal and workout matrix so you can easily plan and track your meals and workouts throughout the week.

3. I’m extremely overweight and I’m looking for a healthy way to drop weight quickly and get into shape. Can I start using the recipes and meal plans today?
Absolutely. The recipes and meal plans are designed for people of any size. Your level of activity will determine which meal plan to use to make sure you’re losing weight in the fastest and healthiest manner. I don’t believe in extreme calorie restriction as that can cause health complications.

I’ve had my personal clients follow these same recipes and meal plans over the years to lose a substantial amount of weight. Some have lost 100 pounds or more.

4. I’m in good shape now, but I want to fine tune and get ripped. Is Eat, Drink and Shrink right for me?
Yes. I followed these same recipes and meal plans when I got ripped, slimmed and toned for the WBFF World Bikini Championship recently where I placed in the top 10. These are recipes that I have hand picked using my experience as a certified nutritionist. The ingredients are chosen to optimize weight loss efforts and if you stick with my plan, you WILL reach your goals

5. Is Eat, Drink and Shrink designed for people in any specific age group?
Over the years, I’ve had clients ranging from teenagers to 82 years old follow the exact recipes and meal plans outlined in my book to achieve their weight loss goals. I’ve also had countless people write me after buying my book who rave about the fact that their spouses and young children love all of the recipes.

The recipes are all designed with clean, healthy foods that are ideal for people of all ages to burn excess fat and achieve optimal health.

6. Will I need to purchase any expensive mixers or appliances for my kitchen?
Most of the recipes can be made with standard kitchen appliances, so you won’t need to purchase any special appliances or equipment. Some of the recipes recommend you use a food processor or blender for grinding and mixing.

7. Am I really going to save money at the grocery store by purchasing foods for your recipes?
Yes. All of the recipes are made with nutrient dense foods, which means you’re not eating empty calories and you’ll stay fuller longer. And you’ll find that the healthy foods I recommend are less expensive than processed and prepackaged foods that have very little nutritional value.

8. I’m nervous about putting my credit card information on the internet. Is it really safe to order this book online?
In many ways, ordering online is actually a safer method of payment than giving out your CC info on the phone or on a mail-in stub, etc where an actual human is going to have access to your info. With a secure online form, a human will not have access to your info, only the merchant bank.

Our merchant account uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information from being viewed by any third parties. Even as the website owner myself, I don’t even have access to any credit card information that you input for the order. Only the bank processes the information.

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9. What is an e-book? Do I need any special programs or devices to read the book?
We deliver the book in digital PDF format in order to keep the costs of printing and shipping down, which allows us to pass the savings on to you and offer the book at a lower cost.

Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, which is the program you’ll use to read the book. If the book doesn’t open automatically for you after you receive the download, simply go to this link and download it for free http://get.adobe.com/reader/

10.Is this book only sold in the US?
The book is written in English, but it doesn’t matter what country you’re in. Our credit card processor will accept your credit card order and convert to US dollars. You can order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the e-book will be delivered immediately after you place your order.