Let me show you how to “love yourself lean” and…

Look And Feel Sexier WITHOUT Starving Yourself… Eating Bland, Boring “Rabbit” Foods… Spending Hours In The Gym… Or Feeling Like Your Diet Is Taking Over Your Life...

Especially If You Live A Busy Life And Nothing Has Worked For You In The Past!

I’ve discovered a new, unique approach to losing weight. It’s an approach you’ll NEVER hear about on mainstream TV.

It’s already transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women just like you...

So why is it that this unusual strategy works like crazy even though you eat MORE food, exercise LESS, and can actually enjoy the process?

I’ll tell you in just a second.

First, let me ask you this...

  • Do you feel like there’s a thin person inside you CRYING to get out, but you still lack motivation?
  • Do you struggle with your confidence because you’re self-conscious about your weight?
  • Do you hate being the “big girl” in the group?
  • Do you dread getting dressed because it triggers the “I’m fat” emotion and leaves you frustrated that you can’t fit into your favorite clothes?
  • Are you embarrassed to take off your towel in front of your husband or boyfriend… and maybe even turn the lights off when being intimate?

… if you can relate to at least one or two of those, this is PERFECT for you.

The fact is...

Most Women Struggle To Maintain A Fit, Sexy Body For One Of These Three Reasons

My experience helping hundreds of thousands of women lose weight has showed me there are three main obstacles most women face when trying to achieve a flat belly on their own.

The first two are common...

  • 1. You’re eating the WRONG foods, or eating TOO LITTLE. Don’t fall into the trap of starving yourself or eating bland food like many women do… it does nothing but destroy your hormones, your metabolism, and your confidence!
  • 2. You believe you must do “marathon workout sessions” to lose weight. Not only do these long, boring cardio sessions fail to get you results, they kill your motivation and leave you tired, injured, and strapped for time!

But there’s a third and even deeper reason most women struggle with yo-yo dieting, and that is…

To Achieve A Body You Feel Worthy Of... You NEED Personal Support!

This might surprise you, but to GET and STAY in amazing shape, diet and exercise are just two of three pieces. There's a third people most people neglect, yet it’s JUST as important.

The fact is…

… your success hinges on how other people SUPPORT you!

One Harvard study showed those starting a weight loss program WITH support lose 20 pounds, versus just 9 pounds for those who didn’t have support.1

That’s more than DOUBLE the weight loss in the same amount of time… simply by having support!

And that’s why it’s my absolute pleasure to invite you to...

The NEW YOU 30 Day Challenge…Starting Monday, June 12th!

The NEW YOU 30 Day Challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to break out of your current fat loss rut and start loving and appreciating your own unique body.

I’ve taken my best recipes and combined them with my best fat burning workouts to bring you a brand new, SIMPLE approach to weight loss.

If you’re looking to drop a quick 10-20+ pounds or if you want to get in great shape right before summer this is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

But this is not just about losing weight just to LOOK more attractive...

This is about FEELING more attractive and confident about yourself.

My 30-day challenge uses a holistic approach that has done wonders for tens of thousands of past participants.

Elmerat, one of our loyal students, was so thrilled with her results that she went through the challenge three times…

Elmerat Fourie

"This is my third challenge with Danette
and i absolutely love it!"

It’s not just Elmerat taking the challenge more than once. MANY other members also decide to do the challenge multiple times. It’s because these women finally start believing in themselves and for the first time experience noticeable results.

It’s not hard to realize why they keep coming back, considering…

In Our Last 30-Day Challenge… Contestants Lost An AVERAGE Of 11 Pounds… 6 Inches… And 2 Full Dress Sizes!

At the end of each challenge, I survey contestants to see how it went for them. I do this so I can continually tweak and improve our process to get even better results.

What’s amazing is that our last survey, based on the results of 1,564 participants, shows that our AVERAGE contestant lost 11 pounds… 6 inches… and 2 dress sizes… in just 30 days!

Here are the stories of a few of those amazing women…

Angela Kenney

"This program is absolutely amazing!
The results are really fast!"

Sherri Rummel

"The foods are fantastic...and they're quick!
The exercises work!"

Jamie Spring

"I lost 2 jean sizes!
Most importantly I feel wonderfully!"

Chelsea May

"I was lacking energy and motivation.
This program has gotten me back on track!"

Seeing these results brings up a question I get often...

“Danette, what makes your New You 30-Day Challenge so unique?”

I help women get results when they seem to be following all the rules but nothing is working.

Here’s where I think other programs fail...

Most fitness experts are focused on what to eat and how to move your body. They’re obsessed with following specific (e.g. strict) rules, forcing you to eat certain foods and do certain workouts.

Considering most women are NOT successful losing weight, following a strict diet is CLEARLY not enough.

I’ve discovered your MIND is the key to lasting weight loss.

If you believe “food sticks to your hips if you just look at it” or you aren’t worthy to be sexy, your subconscious mind will sabotage ALL your weight loss efforts - REGARDLESS of what program you’re following.

Couple that with a focus on healing foods and healing movements (with plenty of wiggle room so it’s easy to follow) and you can see why it’s so powerful!

This is why we have so many success stories from women who have failed on other programs, from women in their 20’s… all the way up to women in their 70’s!

Here’s What This All Means To YOU...

  • It means you never have to “starve yourself thin” again - you’ll actually end up eating MORE than you are right now!
  • It means you can ENJOY your workouts and get them done in just 10-20 minutes, rather than spending all your extra time struggling through long bouts of boring exercises…
  • It means you can LOVE the process and look forward to every single meal you eat because it will be satisfying and delicious…
  • It means you can eliminate sabotaging beliefs and pave the way to loving your body and yourself…
  • And it means you can fit your diet & exercise around your life, so you can enjoy the rest of your life WHILE getting in the best shape of your life (imagine that!)...

If you agree with everything I’ve presented so far and you’re ready to get started…

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Decide To Join Us For Our New You 30 Day Challenge Starting Monday, June 12th...

This challenge contains everything you need to help flatten your belly and have your friends & family in awe… in just 30 days.

Let me walk you through the program by starting with…

Component #1

Step By Step Action Guide

Many women fail to lose weight because they get stuck, overwhelmed, or confused. I REFUSE to let that happen to you.

With the New You 30 Day Challenge you’ll get access to my step-by-step action guide which shows you how to detox your body and rebalance your hormones. It explains EXACTLY what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and why.

You won’t get confused or overwhelmed like you might have been with other programs. Follow the exact day-by-day, step-by-step plan (which takes almost no time) and watch your confidence soar as you fall back in love with your beautiful, amazing body.

Component #2

30-Day Fast, Simple, Affordable
Meal Plan

These meal plans are...

  • Filling and sattisfying - Stop eating like a bird! These recipes and meals will keep you filled and satisfied for hours. You’ll never have to “push through your hunger” again, plus you won’t have to deal with rebound cravings!
  • Delicious - I don’t know about you, but I LOVE food! I hate bland/boring food, and I know you do too. Every recipe you’ll get is absolutely delicious. You’ll wonder how something so healthy could be so yummy! I’ve even included healthier versions your favorite desserts if you have a big sweet tooth!
  • Easy, fast, and affordable to prepare - I’ve specifically made sure the recipes you get are FAST to prepare (10-15 minutes or less)... EASY to prepare (even if you can’t cook to save your life!)... and AFFORDABLE even if you’re currently struggling with money.

Plus you’ll also get a shopping list of easy-to-find and affordable ingredients that work WITH your metabolism to help reduce unbearable cravings.

AND you’ll get my detailed “substitutions” list, including vegetarian options, in case you find foods you don't like.

Here are a few of the recipes you’ll be enjoying…

Component #3

Fast, Gentle, Metabolism-Boosting
Workout Plan...

Our previous students RAVE about my workouts.


Here are the top five reasons you’ll love them too...

  • Easy on the joints - Many of our older members suffer from existing injuries or achy joints, making it hard for them to exercise. I hear you! These exercises are very gentle on your joints. Even if you’re in pain, you can still benefit. In fact, they’ll make you feel even BETTER!
  • Fast and effective - Forget everything you’ve heard about long, hard workouts! They have them on TV shows because it’s entertaining to watch. But it’s not effective or safe! All you need is 10-20 FUN minutes to ignite your metabolism.
  • Do them anywhere - You can do these bodyweight exercises in your living room, in your office, or even outside. You only need about as much space as a yoga mat.
  • Do them any time - It doesn’t matter if you do them in the morning, before/after you eat, or any other time. I keep things SIMPLE so you can easily fit these workouts into your already busy lifestyle.
  • They’re free - You won’t have to buy a gym membership or use any equipment, machines or fancy gizmos. Yay!

Here’s a short sample of a fun, easy, and safe workout you’ll be getting…


You’ll Gain Access To My Private Facebook Group As A BONUS For Joining Today!

When you join by Monday, June 12th I’ll also give you an AMAZING bonus. I’ve setup a private Facebook group for members of this challenge only.

That way you can interact with everyone else going through this challenge for a full 30 days.

Our previous members LOVED this group and the intimate environment it creates. It’s so fun and energizing. We’ve seen many friendships form that continue to this day!

And here’s the most exciting part...

We’re Holding A Love Yourself Lean CONTEST To Give Prizes To The 3 Best Transformations!

I’m SO excited to see your transformation that I want to give you a prize to reward your hard work! I want you to really push yourself so you can break through and love yourself again. I want you to feel sexy in your clothes again. I want you to enjoy the same amount of radical self love that myself and previous members do.

That’s why we’ve set up a Love Yourself Lean contest.

As soon as you join us, we’ll ask you to take in a “before” picture. Then when the challenge ends, you can send us your "before" picture and your “NEW YOU” picture. With your permission, we’ll add it to our contest and have our community vote for the top 3 winners.

Here are the prizes we’re giving away…


3rd Place Prize + 1 Year Forever Fit Membership FREE

You’ll get the same $50 Credit to use on Danette May apparel, PLUS a full year of our $29/month Forever Fit membership, absolutely free!

Enjoy an entire year of recipes, workouts, motivation and so much more… as a BONUS for transforming your mind and body during the challenge.

(Value = $398.00)


3rd & 2nd Place Prize + $250 Thrive Market Gift Card

If you’re the grand prize winner you’ll get a $50 Credit to use on Danette May apparel…

PLUS a full year of our $29/month Forever Fit Membership…

PLUS receive a $250 gift card to Thrive Market, my FAVORITE place to shop online for your favorite health foods. They carry all your favorite organic and non-GMO brands, for cheaper prices, delivered right to your door.

(Value = $648.00)


$50 Credit For Danette May Apparel

Get a $50 Credit you can use on any Danette May apparel. You can choose from sweatshirts, tees, flowy tanks, slouchy tees, and more!

(Value = Up to $50.00)

Not Sure What Kind of Results to Expect? Here are even MORE success stories from previous challenges...


This Is Your LAST Chance To Get Into “Bikini Body” Shape Before Summer!

If you’ve tried to lose weight in the past and failed...

If you’ve forced yourself to follow a disciplined eating lifestyle only to see nothing change…

If you wish you had “perfect genes” like the super fit girls, you see doing Crossfit

...this is your opportunity to finally peel back the layers and reveal the beautiful body you’ve been waiting for!

Remember, this challenge runs from June 12th - July 18th.

That gives you 30 days to jumpstart your bikini body transformation… just in time for summer!

Don’t let yet another summer go by being embarrassed to wear a bikini. Make this your year! You got this girl! I want you to show all your friends & family that YOU really do have what it takes to love your body and feel confident in fitted summer dresses this year.

To transform your body into a fat burning machine just follow the easy and proven steps I’ve laid out for you. I promise this will be one of the easiest and fun programs you’ve ever been through.

Do yourself a favor and take me up on on this opportunity by midnight, Sunday June 11th so you can start with us on Monday, June 12th.

I guarantee you’ll love it because….

If You’re Not THRILLED With Your Results… I Insist On Giving Your Money Back!

I’m so excited for you to discover what’s about to unfold for you over the next 30-days.

With my fingers crossed, I hope you say YES and join me for this amazing and inspirational New You 30 Day Challenge.

I truly want you to wake up every day and fall in love with your body all over again. I want you to have all the energy and love you deserve. I want you to believe with all your heart that you deserve to have a healthy, sexy body with zero shame or guilt!

And just to make sure you feel comfortable starting with us, I want to put the risk on my shoulders and give you a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You either get “head-turning” results… or it’s FREE!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To Secure Your Spot For Only $47 Today…

Still On The Fence?

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons To Join My New You 30 Day Challenge Today!
  • 1. Guaranteed results - I promise you’ll be ecstatic about your results. If for ANY reason you aren’t, just email us for a full refund. It’s as simple as that!
  • 2. Proven results - Just look through the smiling faces you see on this page from past members (there are HUNDREDS more). Many of them come from women who thought weight loss was impossible. If they can do it, you certainly can too!
  • 3. Done for you meal plans - I’ll show you exactly what to make, and when. It’s SUPER easy… even if you’re a busy mom like me or can barely cook!
  • 4. Easy to make, affordable and delicious, 15-minute recipes - You’ll LOVE these delicious, healing foods that are affordable, easy to find, and take just 15 minutes or less to create.
  • 5. Easy, fast, effective workouts - These healing movements are fast, fun and effective. They’re easy on your joints and fuel your metabolism so you burn calories for up to 24 hours after they’re over.
  • 6. Simplicity - Complexity creates confusion. Confusion leads to bad results. This entire program is based around keeping things SIMPLE so you can get amazing results without being overwhelmed, confused or frustrated.
  • 7. Personalized support - You’ll join myself, my team, and tens of thousands of other women just like you all working to achieve the same goal. We’re with you EVERY step of the way so you never feel like you’re alone!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To Secure Your Spot For Only $47 Today…

Go for it right now. Click the “add to cart” button and claim your spot.

Just do it before Monday, June 12th so you don’t miss out!

P.S. I would hate for you to look back at the transformations our members make just before summer and regret having yet another summer fly by without enjoying a flat, sexy belly, and toned arms and legs. Remember, you’re guaranteed to be happy with your results or you get 100% of your money back! Join us now by clicking the “add to cart” button below and I’ll see you in the Facebook group!

Click The “Add To Cart” Button To Secure Your Spot For Only $47 Today...

1) http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/healthy-weight/best-weight-loss-diet/

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