Attention busy women who feel stuck, frustrated, or unfulfilled...

6 Week Coaching Breakthrough Unlocks The Power of Your Mind, Helps You Get Slim And Experience The Life You Desire Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible...

  • Slimmer Body
  • Unlimited Happiness
  • Overwhelming Peace
  • Freedom from hatred
  • Unconditional Self-Love
  • Relief from Stress
  • Soaring motivation
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Achieve success
  • Unstoppable Confidence
  • Superior Health & Wellness
  • Improved Relationships
  • Deeper meditational states
  • Enhanced Mind
  • Abundant energy
  • Exceptional mood
  • Ultimate empowerment
  • Overcome limiting beliefs

I want to help you unlock all these and MORE!

Dear Friend,

I’m looking for a small group of women that I can create massive change in.

If you're that person...

I will work with you to help you experience a total transformation of your mind, body and life over the next six weeks.

Coaching so effective, it will propel you almost effortlessly towards the life you desire.

What do I mean by "The life YOU desire?"

  • Abundant energy and a sexy, slim, and beautiful body that you love, without the self-limiting belief that it's only for those who work-out the hardest, have an advantage in life or are blessed with lucky genes...
  • Unlimited happiness, rock-solid confidence and lasting peace and experiencing it faster, without having to feel like you have to struggle for it...
  • Significantly better relationships and lifestyle without being slave to self-destructive habits, fears and emotions that you may often battle...
  • Superior health and wellness in your body, emotions and spiritual life, so you can forgive andbe who you really are and who you want to become...
  • Greater mastery of your mind and all aspects of daily life through a few simple changes in how you process past, present and future experiences

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

So... pay close attention because I will show you how you can have, achieve and experience the life you desire, and SUSTAIN it so that you can know how to start to make even more positive change happen faster in your life.

This is without a doubt easy to do.

That's because, I'm going to be right there with you, every step of the way.

But just so you are clear on this: Every single step, method and technique in, It's Your Time To Shine Coaching... is something anyone can learn.

This proven online coaching program makes all the difference, because you absorb it by actually doing it.

And it doesn't matter if you're out of shape and have little time to commit... or even the opposite.

This ‘LISTEN, READ AND WATCH OVER MY SHOULDER' then ‘DO IT' method is exactly what my previous clients have said WORKED for them.

Everything is clear, simple and laid out in action steps that you can apply immediately to see massive results in your body, mind and life.

(After doing this type of thing for over 15 years as a certified fitness professional, Pilates instructor and NASM nutritionist, I've become pretty good at getting clients fast results.)

You get weekly webinars on Thursdays receive weekly coaching via email and access to the private VIP Facebook group. (All webinars are recorded and archived and you have access to them forever.)

I even do most of the heavy lifting for you ... telling you exactly how to shift your subconscious mind to shed pounds of fat and keep it off.

But this six week coaching program isn't just about obtaining that dream body. (though you are absolutely going to love seeing your body change) No, I will be going far beyond permanent weight loss and nutrition and sharing all my secrets, tools and rituals so you can get "The life you desire."

This means, over six weeks I will personally give you the daily guidance, support and inspiration to ensure you see REAL and LASTING results in all areas of your life.

In this six week program...

You only get the techniques that work. This isn't rocket science.

I can assure you that with this systematic, simple and proven approach that you will know the steps to take that all my clients personally use. And if you only TAKE those steps — you can suddenly and dramatically transform your ability to get that dream body, improve your relationships, make dramatic shifts in the way you process thoughts, every time.

And especially...

No matter how many times you have failed to create PERMANENT change in your life before!

It really is that simple and there's no catch.

Think about this.

The "worst" that can happen is you get your full money back if after trying it you decide it's not for you. Plus you'll still walk away with ALL of my popular health and fitness eBooks.

The best that can happen is we work together one-on-one to release that stubborn body fat, boost your confidence, skyrocket your energy and transform your mind, body and life far beyond what it is now.

The Ultimate 6 Weeks Coaching Program

Starting on Thursday, March 23rd.

Look, it's not enough for me just to tell you what to do — because you'll actually be shown using text, sound and video in the "It's your time to shine!" 6 week coaching program.

The core components of this program are composed of the same strategies, techniques and approach that I use time and time again with real clients to get LASTING results.

Now you can watch right on your computer or mobile device as I personally take you by the hand and lead you through the exact steps I use to immediately transform your body, mind, relationships, self-love, confidence, and ability to handle all of life's curveballs.

This is the closest thing to having me in your living room sitting right next to you at the computer.

In this comprehensive program you'll receive...

6 Highly Effective Weekly Webinars

Each comes with clear instructions and directions to help you make dramatic shifts in what you eat, how you move and how you think without any confusion. Step-by-step I will give you the guidance to blast through the obstacles standing in your way, help you overcome limited-self beliefs, breakthrough into a new level of life and ultimately create a body that is slim, sexy and beautiful. Plus you get ALL of your burning questions answered. (Note: all webinars are recorded and archived for your convenience)

Personalized Weekly Coaching Emails From Me

I am covering all bases here. If you are not on a webinar learning to tap into the power of your mind to create your own reality, I'm going to be sending you coaching emails jam-packed with new tools, rituals and rock-solid advice that will super-charge and unleash your inner power, intelligence and ability to obtain the body and life you desire.

The only way you can fail, is if you don't secure your spot now.

Here's what you'll gain inside the weekly webinars:


Finally overcome the mental barriers and master the inner game by learning how subconscious limiting beliefs are destroying your chances of losing weight and creating a better life.

  • Experience change faster and easier in all areas of your life when you uncover the driving force behind all your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.
  • How to create such a dramatic shift in your subconscious mind through a few simple strategies, so you can experience real and lasting results.
  • Keys to unlock the power of the mind so that can "flip the switch" and shed stubborn and unwanted fat from your body without caving into cravings and habits that have defeated you in the past.


You truly can have greater peace in your body, heart, mind and spirit. Enjoy a better body, superior relationships, health and wellness when you learn how to tap into the power of your mind, and use it to safeguard, heal and restore all that life has damaged and thrown your way. Your mind truly is your greatest ally. Learn how to use it.

  • Shape your reality using my practical tools, rituals, mediations and affirmations so you can have, do and be anything you want.
  • Uncover simple techniques that unlock a flood of peace, bliss and happiness in the moment you are experiencing chaos.
  • Discover how to leverage the power locked up inside your mind to create a body that you could only imagine.


There is a real reason why so many repeat destructive patterns over and over. Discover quickly what is actually going on behind the scenes that drive your thoughts, beliefs and ultimately your behaviours. Let me pull back the curtain on the subconscious blueprint this is taking you down, even when you are trying your best to do what you know will help you.

  • Uncover the "common and often unseen" road blocks that are keeping you from achieving what you consciously say you want but haven't achieved.
  • Understand how to remove the final barriers hidden behind stories, excuses and the negative self-talk that are preventing you from achieving success in any area of your life.
  • Gain valuable tools and strategies that I use on a daily basis to blast through the day-to-day hurdles and curveballs that will try to take you off balance.


From the time you were born until today, how you relate to others has taken shape. Whether for better or worse, your parents, teachers, authority figures and experiences in the world around you have all played a hand in the story you tell yourself.

  • Discover the secrets to break the heavy chains of relationships that no longer serve your higher self.
  • Find out the best way to tackle relationships that you simply can't walk away from, but still safeguard your dream without your spirit being broken.
  • How to identify the voice within you that can lead you out of dry relationships and forge new ones that catapult you towards your goals.


Inside this powerful webinar you will discover how to open up your heart to receive all that life has to offer through forgiving past hurts. Everyone has been hurt. Everyone has suffered at the hands of someone else. But it's how you respond; forgive yourself and what actions you take that will finally break the chains that are often unconsciously holding you back from your dreams.

  • Find out the 3 keys to forgiveness... even when the sins or pains of the past truly seem too hard to let go, and even when you have tried to forgive.
  • An "almost magic" way to experience deep happiness and peace of mind through forgiving yourself from past mistakes.
  • The ultimate guide to trusting your intuition and using it to guide you away from damaging situations that arise in life before they happen.


More than setting goals, these definitive rituals will keep you on track even when life throws curve balls.

  • The power of daily rituals and the hidden reasons why they have catapulted every single person that has done them, to success.
  • How small adjustments in your day life can create dramatic change in you, allowing you to climb above mountains that once seemed insurmountable.
  • The simple little tips you should do every morning to feed your spirit, stay inspired, motivated and empowered.

Truly, you will find that when you implement It's Your Time To Shine Six Week Coaching you will immediately notice a vast difference in how quickly you can achieve your dream body and the life you desire...

As you can see this really is the ultimate coaching program for learning how to make dramatic shifts in your mind, body and life... in the shortest time possible.

It really couldn't be any easier....

Ok, so you've read this far, you're eager to get started but you want to know what this incredible coaching is going to cost you?

Well, look at it this way... There is nothing else like this out there on the market, so it's tricky to compare it to anything and value is a hard thing to determine sometimes for a person's time. A lot of fitness professionals are too busy working with clients in person, training others at the gym or developing their own products to provide the amount of time that I will be dedicating to you.

So let's do a fast comparison and look at some of the alternatives and what you would have to pay if you wanted to gain this kind of information.

You could pay me directly $500 an hour for hourly consulting and in one hour, I'm not going to be able to cover even a fraction of what you will get inside this six week coaching program. So you would be paying upwards in the thousands for one-on-one time.

Maybe you could shell out $2,995 for one of my three night retreats but that doesn't cover the cost of travel or food.

Or you could hire me for a weekend of one-on-one coaching for $25,000.

Frankly, I want to make this 6 week coaching accessible to everyone. So I figured out a way to provide you with a real bargain.

So how much is it worth to you, to save all that money?

Well you`re not going to be charged anywhere near those amounts. In fact, when you take action today you will get instant access to the sensational ‘It's Your Time To Shine' coaching program for just a one-time payment of $197. That's $50 OFF the regular price!

And the reason it's being priced that low is because you're getting the same information that I provide my one-on-one clients, but in a group setting (which can be even more powerful for you). And I don't need to pay anyone to take orders over the phone. This way I can pass on the cost savings to you. So you win and I win.

And don't worry, navigating your way through this program, is a snap. You can watch all the webinars at any time on any device with the internet. (It works perfectly on Mac, PC or any Mobile.)

Now because I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot even further, by removing all the risk from you.

Here's my SOLEMN PROMISE to you:

Now, obviously this is an amazing offer which you'll probably never see from any other coach in the world.

Think about it.

I'm coaching you for six weeks — and if within eight weeks (Yes! That's two weeks after the program has concluded) you found the coaching didn't transform your mind, body and life. You can ask for your full money back.

Just tell me, and it's yours. No questions asked.

You literally have nothing to lose! Act today.

Who Else Would Do That?

No one!

But I'm happy to put it on the line like this because my coaching clients always get great results.


And I know you will.

There is a clear reason why.

My coaching and advice works, and I know that if we work together, you'll lose weight, have abundant energy, rock solid confidence, have better relationships, superior health and wellness and total mastery over your mind and daily life.

Consider this:

Over the past 15 years, I've transformed myself and thousands of private client's bodies and lifestyles.

This is why I'm sought out by other celebrity fitness experts like Jillian Michaels & George St Pierre in the Rip 60 Nutrition, and Kathy Smith in the Next Fit Projects.

And that doesn't even include being featured in Gold's Gyms ‘Flat abs Fast', ‘Bootcamp Bikini Body', and ‘Get Me in My Skinny Jeans' fitness DVDs which are sold worldwide.

Or speaking at the Women's Health Conference & Women in Motion, plus being a health and fitness contributor for NBC TV affiliate Studio 5 and appearing in multiple national magazines, including US Magazine & Women's Health.

Anyway — as you can imagine, I'll get a LOT of interest from this program.

And that's why I need you to read this next part carefully:

This is NOT For Everybody

This is going to fill up very fast.

Which means I am only taking on a very limited number of women. I only mention this because if you take too long to think my offer over, or if you wait too long to secure your spot, it may be too late to take you on.

I'm serious. I can still put you on a "waiting list" for if I re-open this back up, but in the meantime you would have to wait.

So if all this sounds like something you want to take advantage of, then you must take action today.

Here's What I Want You To Do Next

If you are an inspired, passionate woman who is READY to follow directions and would like to have me take you from where you are now to where you want to be, then I'll happily set aside some time for you.

Here's how the process works:

If at any point within eight weeks you aren't satisfied, you can receive it all back.

And remember the program is only six weeks, so you get an additional two weeks after you have heard all the webinars, downloaded all the eBooks and been through the entire coaching program, to decide if you want a refund or not.

Go and secure your spot now by clicking the button below.

Here's What You Will Also Get After Securing Your Spot Today

Once you have paid and your spot is secured, you will gain access to the entire coaching program as detailed above, along with over $250 worth of bonuses listed below — absolutely FREE!

These include the following valuable bonuses:

Exclusive Access to My Best-Selling eBooks

Download five of my best-selling eBooks absolutely free. The Bikini Body Detox, The 7 Day Jumpstart, Bikini Body Recipes, Quick Meal Plan Guide, and the Success Tracker. Let me remove all the guess-work involved in detoxing, eating anti-inflammatory foods and creating recipes that turn up your fat burning metabolism. These are a must have! Whether you stick with the coaching or not, these are yours to keep just for trying my six week coaching plan!

All My Future Books over the Next 12 Months

Inside this bonus you will have access to a collection of future eBooks that I release over the next 12 months. When others are paying $20, $40 even $90 for these. You will get them all FREE! Just for claiming your spot in this six week program.

Two Additional Healing Coaching Webinars

This special bonus was specifically created to compliment this program. You will receive two more additional coaching webinars on the Healing Power of Foods and Healing Movement. Designed with every age group, fitness level and body type in mind. Let me show you how to eat for health, vitality and a sexy body, as well as which are the best movements for your body.

Please know that the window of opportunity won't be open long.

Ask yourself: Where will you be six weeks from now?

Unless you take action, you won't know.

If you feel like this is right for you, click the button below to secure your spot and let's begin transforming your body, mind and life immediately!

It's Your Time To Shine!

Yours in Health and Happiness,
Danette May
Author, Certified NASM NutritionistTrainer, Fitness Model, and Mom of Three Kids.